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About True Practice


About True Practice

What does it mean by true practice?

It means “without notions”.

True practice means purification of all notions and consciousness,

So the first thing to do in Chan Ding is to have no thoughts.

When there are no wandering thoughts,

You could be detached from all forms,such as the four forms stated in Diamond Sutra.

There will then be no attachment to forms, and your mind is then empty.

Thus, there is no thought.

All actionable dharma exist in our mind as wandering thoughts and illusions.

All inactionable dharma rely on having no thoughts.

Therefore, for each practitioner,

A true practice is to have no thoughts.

Follow the precise Chan Ding instructions,

Practice is in your daily life and always be in the state of no thoughts.

This is the true practice.


A Lovely Buddha


A Lovely Buddha

Buddha’s eyes comprehend all causes and effects.

He knows the criticality of reincarnation and nirvana.

He knows that Buddha and all sentient beings are one.

Thus He has mercy for all,

Thus He desires to ferry all,

Even if some do not want to be ferried,

Buddha would still help them and enlighten them,

Because He knows what you do not.

This is Buddha,

A lovely Buddha.

Lecture on “The True Practice and Witness of the Diamond Sutra”, August 9, 2003


Flower Holding

Flower Holding
Flower Holding

Flower Holding

Heart Imprint Chan originated from Buddha’s smile while holding a lotus flower.

At the dharma assembly on theGrdhrakutaMountain,

Buddha had a lotus flower in his hand.

Many people had no idea what Buddha meant,

Because Buddha did not utter a word,

Only Mahakasyapa understood Buddha,

And he smiled.

The authentic dharma was thus transmitted to the venerable





You can try this.

After you get up in the morning,

Feel the joy in your heart.

This joy

Can make your blood circulate merrily all over you,

And let each and every cell obtain this joyful nourishment,

This is a key in Chan practice.

Speech at the Chinese New Year Gathering of 2011