Charles Meng

Before I started practicing Chan meditation I felt exhausted all the time, and in particular my heart seemed not to be working very well. Chan meditation has helped to turn the situation around. And, though I am still a beginner on the journey, now I am convinced that by practicing Chan meditation one can absorb the great life force from the universe and experience great transformation.

For some people, the challenging part is not physical conditions. They are pretty healthy, however they are not happy because they would not let go of worries or unhappy experiences. I am also familiar with this kind of mindset because I was constantly struggling miserably inside. I have also changed quite a bit in this regard thanks to practicing Chan. Chan is like a light that lightens my heart. Now I understand why some practitioners say that it is the heart that determines if we are in hell or in heaven. Very true indeed.

Chan practice is so wonderful. It is the most wise and valuable “investment” one can ever make, and it deserves our full dedication.

Chan Master Miao-Tien once said something like this: “If you have a plan and you act accordingly, the effectiveness of your practice will be ten times more than others.” I would like to humbly suggest that everyone of us set a plan for our Chan practice and put it into practice faithfully. Here is my plan: unless an very unusual situation occurs I shall practice Chan meditation daily in an obedient manner, and I shall attend weekly group practices and Chan retreats. Further, I shall help other people to get to know Chan and benefit from it. Let us help each other and work hard toward our goal.